Brushstrokes Beyond Borders

Art Pieces That Are Thought-Provoking Abstract Landscapes, Dynamic Dance Compositions, and Captivating Reflections

Peter Heywood Art

About the Artist

Born in Yorkshire in 1944, Peter Heywood taught math and physics for thirty years while devoting most of his free time to painting. Although in 1995 he was voted Britain's Best Teacher in a national newspaper search, encouraged by a very successful one-person show at The Aberbach Fine Art Gallery in London's Savile Row, Heywood made the major decision to become a full-time painter.

He traveled extensively and, in South Africa, created a series of significant landscapes. Successful exhibitions followed in Johannesburg at The Cheri de Villiers Gallery and in Cape Town at The Everard Read Gallery and The Cape Gallery. Later, during a two-year stay in Venice, inspired by its magnificent architecture, his work in oils and acrylics was exhibited at The Holly Snapp Gallery in Venice, at The Century Gallery in Henley-on-Thames outside London and the Paterson Gallery in Albermarle Street, London W1.

Several well-received exhibitions followed in Malta, and today, Heywood's work can be found in many private collections around the world.

In 2011, he began spending time in America, where he developed an arresting series, painting New York's most famous landmarks as seen through the vast reflections in neighboring buildings. His first American exhibition took place at The Alan Barnes Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, followed by an exhibition at The Q Street Gallery in Washington D.C. He has since had 4 further shows in New York, at The Leila Heller Gallery, the 237 on Hudson Street Gallery, and two shows at the Sheen Center.

Peter Heywood Art